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Howl Intro and FAQs

Use the sidebar on the left to get started with Howl.

Common topics are covered, such as:

  • Creating a user profile
  • Connecting to Howl
  • Posting, staking and following
  • Sending one-off or recurring payments


Can I use Howl without a DENS alias?

🅰️ No, not at this time.

How do I set a PFP?

🅰️ Update the image field on the DENS NFT.

The airdrop site says I'm not eligible, why?

🅰️ The airdrop was built off of name holders and eligible stakers at snapshot time on May 4th. Not all Juno stakers are eligible.

When does the airdrop end?

🅰️ On the 28th Feb 2023.

Is there a clawback?

🅰️ Yes, one month after mainnet launch.

How do I stake my HOWL?

🅰️ Click the ❤️ on a post and choose an amount to stake to that post. You'll get rewards, and so will the post owner.

What is the token contract address?

🅰️ juno1g0wuyu2f49ncf94r65278puxzclf5arse9f3kvffxyv4se4vgdmsk4dvqz

When do I get rewards?

🅰️ Rewards are distributed on an epoch system. On mainnet this is every day for 14 days.

What happens when I stake?

🅰️ Your stake is locked for 14 days, and you earn while it is staked. After that, it is unbonded and you must re-bond to continue earning rewards.

What is the breakdown of rewards?

🅰️ 60% goes to the staker/delegator. 20% goes to the post creator. 10% goes to the Howl DAO. 10% goes to the dev fund.